Looking Ahead to 2018

By October 30, 2017Marketing

As we approach the close of 2017 and look forward to the new year it’s a good time to quickly look back on some of the highlights from this year and take a glimpse at what’s on our future roadmap.

We successfully launched our Immix Certified Professional training course with sessions in both the US and the UK. In just a few short months over 70 new certified professionals have completed the intensive 2 day course. Additional dates are routinely announced so please take advantage of these sessions to make sure you have Immix subject matter experts supporting your team.

On the application front, we have been redesigning and refining our setup user interface with a focus on minimizing the number of clicks required to add sites and devices. Certified Professionals have seen a preview of this and we will be holding some online previews of this interface in November, ready for a release in December. Next year we will be taking this new design and updating it throughout the entire platform, leveraging new web technologies to deliver even more application efficiencies.

On the Immix CC side we have delivered new geospatial mapping features based on the Google Maps platform. This provides more situational awareness for operators, especially in campus type environments, and with geospatial data of Immix assets it provides innovative new ways to dynamically associate and track devices.

As always there is a huge amount of activity developing and updating integrations with our partners. Just in the last couple of months we have delivered integrations with new partners that include Everbridge, Platesmart, Wavestore, Aiphone, Emizon, just to name a few. We announce all new and updated integrations on our blog and email updates. If you are not receiving these updates please let us know.

Finally, looking into the new year one of the biggest architectural changes will be the phasing out of the Flash Player for video with the use of HTML5. This is being beta tested with select customers now and next year will see the full replacement underway. This will deliver server performance efficiencies along with support for high resolution mega-pixel cameras for systems that support that latest video streaming technologies. We will announce updates early next year on the rollout of this new technology.

This is only a snapshot of all the project and activities that are happening at SureView, so I encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn or our blog for all product and system announcements.