A.P.I. Alarm Inc. Selects Immix CS Platform

By February 2, 2017Marketing

SureView is pleased to announce that A.P.I. Alarm Inc. has chosen to use SureView Systems Immix CS platform for their interactive video verification platform. A.P.I. Alarm Inc. provides security installations, system maintenance, and video monitoring, as well as offer wholesale monitoring.

The main headquarters for A.P.I. Alarm Inc. are in Toronto, Ontario, with other offices throughout Canada.  Some of the services A.P.I. Alarm Inc. offers are  24/7 Remote Guarding, Traditional Video Monitoring, and customizable security packages individualized to either a commercial or residential application.  SureView Systems Manager of Technical Services, Stephen Tapper commented  that “ A.P.I. Alarm Inc. is a well-established company in the industry, and SureView is very excited that A.P.I. Alarm Inc.  has chosen our Immix CS platform to help grow their Managed Video Services.”

Welcome to the Immix CS Platform, A.P.I.