ABC’s of Immix: A is for Alarms

By March 28, 2018Marketing

This is the first in an ongoing blog series that highlights features, functions, tips and tricks to leverage the most out of your investment in Immix.

A is for Alarms
  • Immix can process alarms from many different types of devices
  • SMTP (email) is the most common & easiest way to get an alarm into Immix
  • Immix provides a Generic SMTP integration to take almost any email and make it into an alarm 
Immix integrates with a broad range of different systems from cameras, alarm panels and intercoms in Immix CS to access control, business risk alerts and mobile life safety systems in Immix CC.
All of these different types of systems are capable of sending alarms and alerts. These alarms are received by Immix in a myriad different types of formats including SMTP, HTTP push, XML, JSON, ASCII, etc. As many systems as Immix integrates with is the variations in the alarm types supported by the platform.
However, the most common format that Immix receives is SMTP (the protocol used by email). The beauty of SMTP is that nearly every system has the capability to send an email when an action occurs. Its a very robust protocol that includes handshakes, resend on failures, error reporting etc and Immix can directly receive these message and convert them into an alarm. A typical SMTP message includes the time/date of when the event occurred, the location/site it occurred, a description of what occurred (including lat/long information for some alerts) all which are key elements of an alarm. They can also include other helpful information (we call it Extra Text) that provides operator with additional context.

Immix can even grab images and short video clips that are attached to these message and incorporate these into the Immix alarm clips. This is especially powerful when video devices attach pre-alarm footage as part of their alert.
The majority of integrations have an alarm component as part of the integration that will decode the unique alarms from that system. However not every system needs a specific integration and for these cases we have developed a “Generic SMTP” alarm integration that allows system administrators to take any type of email from any system and make it into an Immix alarm. No integration development required. Customer have used this feature to bring in alerts from all types of different and unique systems, the options are almost endless.
Just remember that if a 3rd party system can send an alert, it’s a good bet that Immix will be able to accept and make it an alarm.
Next installment: B is for Best Practices

ABC’s of Immix
The ABC’s of Immix is a blog series that highlights features, functions, tips and tricks to leverage the most out of your investment in Immix.