ABC’s of Immix: B is for Best Practices

By April 5, 2018Marketing

B is for Best Practices


  • Focus on eliminating the noise – bring critical events to operators, automate the rest.
  • At minimum ensure you are following standard IT security and operational best practices

Best practices can cover lots of different topics when you think of interactive monitoring, from operator response procedures to IT server policies. So here is just a couple of areas that we think are important considerations when it comes to the best practices of running a monitoring operation with Immix:

  • Focus on the critical events and automate the others. Immix does this well, identify the alarms that need operator decision making and if they don’t automate them.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule – typically 80% of your alarm traffic is generated by 20% of the devices. Focus on these high devices to drive down false alarms and operational costs.
  • For those alarms that require a specific response, use the scripting engine of Immix to set simple Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) to guide operators through how to respond to events.
  • For critical outcomes make sure you have notifications setup to send email alerts or push notification to mobile users to ensure these key stakeholders are instantly aware of important events.
  • Enable ECare on all your devices. ECare is the remote heartbeat service built into Immix that alerts the station when a device or system is no longer communicating with Immix.This can instantly identify equipment faults or connectivity issues that may affect monitoring operations.
  • Never use the default username and password for internet connected devices in the field. Be sure to change the passwords to use different complex passwords for each device and where possible change the default ports for communication.
  • Make sure your IT team uses secure SSL connectivity to your Immix systems and is keeping up to date with all the security and OS updates. Our “Securing Your Immix Server” support page provides a good checklist of items to ensure you Immix system is protected.
  • Be sure to enable password complexity rules on Immix user accounts.
  • Make sure your IT team has a robust backup system in place to backup the Immix database locally and offsite.

There are of course many other best practices to follow, these are just a few of the most important. Your Immix account manager or sales engineer will be able to help you with these and many others as you expand your operation.

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