Blended Security Solution

The Challenge: Angel Carcione, Director of monitoring operations for Securitas Argentina, had a vision of providing a blended security solution to his customers that leveraged a local guard and monitoring presence through the day with monitoring transitioning to their central station (RVS) at night. Angel needed a solution that was simple to use, accessible securely from both the customers’ site and the monitoring station and was able to tie together different security devices including video, access control, alarm systems and audio into one monitoring interface.

Background: Securitas, one the largest global security providers in the world employs over 300,000 employees across 52 countries. Securitas offers a broad range of security services specializing in guarding, technology solutions, consulting and investigations. Securitas helps customers that range in size from the “shop on the corner” to global multi-billion dollar industries.

Securitas and SureView have been working together for 5 years and recently Securitas signed a global contract to expand their use of Immix into new markets.

The Solution: Utilizing their Immix global license, Angel selected Immix Command Center as the perfect platform to deliver his vision for a blended security service and identified a gated community in Buenos Aires, Santa Maria De Tigre, as an ideal first customer for this new initiative. Immix connected their traditional alarms with video systems from Hikvision and Axis providing a simple to use security monitoring interface that augmented the services of their onsite guards.

Through Immix CC onsite guards are able to respond  to real-time alarms and alerts being triggered by burglar systems, video or intercoms and using onsite cameras tailor their response to the alarm or event in progress. Immix allows these guards to not only respond to alarms but also deliver remote security services. A perfect example of this using remote intercoms and video to verify the identity of residents and guests to open and close gates and doors. This is especially helpful in a large property like Santa Maria De Tigre, where guards can’t possibly be everywhere at once. Additionally guards can use Immix to conduct routine virtual security guard tours using the onsite cameras allowing them to cover more territory in a shorter period of time.

When the onsite guards finish their shift, operators in the Remote Video Solutions (RVS) simply logon and provide the same level of remote guarding services to monitor the alarm sand events at the site.

  • Immix integrated the traditional alarm systems with the video from Hikvision DVR and Axis IP cameras. Immix automatically associates these alarms with the corresponding video to create an alarm clip that onsite or remote guards immediately respond to deliver service or an alarm.
  • Immix standardizes response and improves operator efficiency.
  • The Immix alarm management engine automates the handling of alarms and events from all these system, allowing guards and operators to focus only on those events that require operator input.
  • Immix web-based architecture allows security guards onsite and operators in the RVS to simply logon from any system to provide service or monitor alarm events.
  • Security response is standardized through the use of enforceable SOP’s.
  • Every action taken by an operator is tracked in a time/date stamped multimedia audit trail, providing a critical tool for post event analysis and investigations.

Results: Angel of Securitas Aregentina now has a replicable and scalable solution to deliver his customers a blended guard and security monitoring service.

  • Securitas Argentina was able to deliver a comprehensive service that leveraged guard staff during hours when an onsite presence is required with after hours remote guard monitoring from their central monitoring station (RVS)
  • They were able to monitor multiple security systems from one simple to use alarm monitoring interface, reducing the time it takes to process events and ensuring a consistent level of service is delivered from both onsite and remote guards.
  • Provide online tools for the customer to review events, reports live cameras through a branded Securitas interface


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Genzyme Sanofi monitors office, manufacturing, and distribution facilities at their 150 global locations using Immix Command Center (CC).



Immix Command Center (CC) streamlines Paramount’s security operations to boost the safety and security of employees, and better protect its assets.



 San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Authority monitors security cameras city wide, across multiple agencies using Immix Command Center (CC)





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