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Jack Gore

Jack Gore

Strategic Account Development Manager

“I was taken on at Sureview in late 2013 as a junior integrations developer, coming from a background in C++ and game development my main responsibilities at the time was learning C#, Web Development and creations of device integrations into the SureView platform.

Since starting at SureView I have had a very aggressive progression path in terms of both education and responsibility, this has led me to holding the positions (respectively) of Jr Integrations developer, Developer, API Support Engineer, Lead API Developer, Partnership Programme Manager, Deputy CC Development Manager and finally Strategic Account Development Manager. The ability to actively push myself forward within the company has been one of the greatest aspects of the job.

Recently I have had the opportunity to perform an extensive amount of travel and become an on-site resource for customers, this has allowed me to spend many months living in Silicon Valley - California working on site at multiple customers. Included in this travel has also been trips to training courses and large security events such as IFSEC.

During my time at SureView I've been fortunate enough to have direct influence over the product, work environment, social events and my personal progression path. We are a small well-knitted team which allows every member to not only have a voice but make a difference in the day to day running of the company and direction of our product. Working at SureView is fast-paced, exciting, demanding and above all rewarding. It's an environment I would recommend to anyone with a passion for problem solving and a drive to succeed.”

Dean Gifford

Dean Gifford

Lead Core Developer and Scrum Master

I joined the Sureview team in 2011 as a Web Developer; at this time the product was transitioning from a client-server based architecture to the more flexible web-based Cloud solution available today. Since then I've progressed to become the Lead Core Developer and Scrum Master.

During my time at Sureview I've been able to travel internationally to work alongside customers to develop solutions, travel to our Tampa Bay office to work with our US team and attend trade shows to keep up to date with our industry. In recent years, I've been heavily involved in R&D projects, including mapping, mobile and the latest in video technology; all of which allow us to deliver innovative solutions that meet the security needs of our customers; a list of whom contains companies in the Fortune 500 list, along with a few household names.

While working to provide solutions for these large organizations, we're often tasked with overcoming operational and technical challenges that are completely unique, rarely does a 'one size fits all' approach work, this means our day-to-day work remains fresh and interesting!”

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