HTML5 for Flash Replacement Now Available

By July 10, 2019Marketing

SureView Systems has announced the official release of  HTML5 as replacement for Adobe Flash in the main operational interfaces Site Monitor, MultiView, FirstLine, Cameras, Events. Walls/Views are in progress and will be the next component to be replaced with HTML5.


*PLEASE NOTE – A Valid SSL certificate is REQUIRED for certain functionalities included in these packages to operate correctly, (i.e.: HTML5 audio talk-down). If you do not have SSL applied to your system DO NOT enable HTML5 following the installation of these updates and contact your account manager for assistance. If you are unsure if you will be affected, we recommend that you contact your account manager BEFORE installing the updates. Also, Multi-Tiered server deployments must use a *wildcard certificate rather than a single DNS. If you are unsure which you have, contact your account manager for further details.

See this link for more detail on SSL:


As a reminder, the main benefits you will see after updating are:

  1. No more popups when loading site monitor due to browser security concerns.
  2. Quicker loading times (no need to load Flash Player. The HTML5 player is actually built in).
  3. The new HTML5 audit player contains a long-lost feature that allows you to speed up/slow down the playback up to 15X.
  4. The new HTML5 live camera control now contains an additional digital PTZ functionality for high definition cameras.
  5. The quality of the live video feed is superior quality to that available via Adobe Flash.
  6. Improved audit scrubbing interface with buffered streaming.
  7. New and improved dynamic HTML5 MultiView.
  8. Support for pass-through enabled integrations to significantly reduce server resource usage.
  9. Various speed improvements and minor bug fixes.

Please run System Updates to install this latest release and enable your system for use with HTML5. Please see our support pages on HTML5 below for installation instructions and to ensure your system has met all the necessary prerequisites prior to installation.