Reminder: Immix Certified Professional Webinar Course Dec 4-7

By November 27, 2018Marketing

Reminder to sign up for our final online webinar course of our popular Immix Certified Training program.

This program is FREE OF CHARGE. We have taken the IAS course and condensed the course into four (2) hour segments which can be taken over the course of four (4) days. Participants will still need to complete an online exam to be qualified as Immix Certified Professionals and will receive a certificate along with an invitation to join a user group of other certified professionals.

The next available dates for online courses are:

  • December 4-7

If you are interested in this course please complete this online registration.


Goals of the course

The goal of these courses is to provide an advanced level of training for Immix System Administrators. Stations benefit from this certification by having an onsite Immix specialist who will have a comprehensive understanding and be proficient in using all the features and functions of Immix, can help speed up site deployments, and coordinate additional training of your team. In addition, customers who have a Certified Immix Specialist will enjoy an enhanced and expedited level of support allowing your business operations to achieve maximum efficiency.

Some of the Prerequisites of this course

  • These training sessions are only available to SureView customers
  • Participants must have completed the SureView Online Training course (Series 1-8)
  • Participants must have been working with Immix for at least 3 months
  • Participants must have experience managing a Microsoft Server and SQL

We look forward to seeing you next week or for one of our sessions in 2019!