Immix ABC’s – F is for First Line Interface

By January 3, 2019Marketing

The First Line interface is a new feature of Immix that is available with our new i28 update. This new interface is designed for stations with very high alarm volumes who are using teams of operators to visually verify alarms.

The goal is to provide these operators with a very simple and responsive interface so they can quickly determine if alarm(s) are “real” and require response, or are false and require no further action. For “real” alarms operators can either escalate these to another group of operators to coordinate response or they can transfer over to the full functionality of the current Immix site monitor and process the alarms themselves.

How does it work?

First line operators don’t have to monitor the traditional Immix alarm queue. New alarms are simply pushed directly to their screen in the form of a video clip as soon as they are generated. The operators can then determine if the clip that generated the alarm is “real” or “false”. If a second, third, fourth, etc alarm is received while processing the event the operator simply selects the NEXT or PREVIOUS button to cycle through those clips. If they want to escalate to another group they simply select the ESCALATE button. If, however, there is not another group to escalate to, they can select PROCESS to transfer to the full Immix site monitor interface. If the event is a false positive the operator simply selects an outcome to close the event and wait for the next event to be pushed to them. It’s that easy! Every button and action in this interface also has keyboard shortcuts, again speeding up operator response time.

First Line is not an exclusive interface.  If you have sites with high alarm traffic, you can send these to a First Line group of operators while other operators continue to use the standard Immix alarm queue and site monitor to deliver more feature rich remote services.

If you have very high alarm traffic and offer predominantly visual verification services you maybe interested in using the First Line interface. Contact your account manager or sales engineer to learn more.