Immix ABC’s: G is for Geospatial Asset Association

By February 19, 2019Marketing

Our Immix CC and Guard Force platform now provides advanced mapping that is built upon the familiar Google Maps interface. Referred to as Geospatial Asset Association (“GAA”) it allows the nearest cameras to be automatically associated with an alarm when it is received, without any prior associations needing to have been set up.

GAA also provides the ability for companies to add all of the security assets (cameras, access controlled doors, audio devices, relays etc.) and building floor plans right onto the Google Map. Once these devices have been “placed” on the map, Immix is able to record and store the GPS location of the device. Upon activation of an alarm, the camera nearest to the alarming device will be activated, with any other closely associated cameras ticked in the camera list so that an agent can quickly access all relevant views to assess a situation.

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