Immix ABC’s – D is for Dashboard

By December 18, 2018Marketing

Immix provides a simple to use Dashboard when users log into the system. This Dashboard is provided to show at a glance what activities are happening on your sites today.

The Dashboard shows information that includes:

  • The number of critical events that have recently occurred
  • Arming status of sites
  • Ecare device failures
  • High level reporting including:
    • Operator response times
    • Top 5 busiest sites
    • Top 5 event outcomes
  • A RSS feed to display important news feed to users.

Remember, like everything in Immix, all the information displayed on the dashboard is filtered for the user based on the locations/sites they have been given access to. If a user only has access to sites on the East Coast of the US, all the information listed above will be specific to those sites only.