Immix Update: Report Updates

By September 6, 2017Marketing

In case you missed it, we recently added a new feature: Report Updates!

 As part of the new UL 1981 series 3 updates, there are new and updated reports available in Immix. They include: 

NEW – User activity report
Addition of the user activity report which details:

  • User login attempts (and whether success or fail)
  • User creations
  • User deletions
  • User modifications (details changes, password changes, unlocks)
  • User report generations

NEW – Unexpected alarms report
The addition of a report listing all alarms that were received outside their expected schedule and those that were not received during the schedule.

NEW – Statistical performance report
The addition of a new report that displays:

  • The number of alarm events on sites with a UL type that do not include an “Investigator Dispatched”.
  • The number of alarm events processed by an operator.
  • Alarm event longest, average and shortest time between Created and Viewed
  • Alarm event longest, average and shortest time between an “Investigator Dispatched” and an “Investigator Arrived”

UPDATE – Alarm processing statistics report
Update to the alarm processing statistics report to display:

  • Total number of operator handled events, number of operator handled events not needing an investigator; those that needed an investigator and had one, and also those that needed one and did not have one.
  • Longest, average and shortest time to pick up an alarm
  • Longest, average and shortest investigator elapsed time (from dispatch to arrive) 

For more information about this and other new features visit our Latest Updates page on the support portal.