Immix i28 is Now Available

By October 15, 2018Marketing

SureView Systems is pleased to announce the release of Immix i28,  the latest version of the company’s security industry-leading software platform. Immix® is a video-centric software automation platform that consolidates a wide range of different security products into one simple operator interface, allowing users to deliver a full range of video-based services that greatly increase operational efficiency, as well as their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) opportunities.

Immix i28 is a faster and more efficient tool for SureView’s customer base of commercial central stations, GSOCs and private command centers, offering key features for improved functionality, including:

  • Speed enhancements of up to 40%, improving response times and security outcomes.
  • The introduction of HTML5 for Live Video (the first step in the full replacement of Flash Player) greatly reduces CPU and RAM consumption on the server and provides cost benefits to customers running Immix on cloud servers.
  • The New First Line interface is a lean, alarm-only interface that enables very high-volume stations offering video verification services to cycle through alarms faster and more efficiently and filter out the “noise” that hinders monitoring operations.
  • In addition to recent UL1981 Revision 3 updates, Immix has recently been through 3rd party security penetration testing. As a result of this testing there is a number of security enhancements that have been made to the platform to ensure that Immix remains fully secure against possible cyberattacks.
  • Enhanced audit event filtering allows users to filter through the noise and find specific records within the audit history.
  • Incident email styling allows users to customize email communications from Immix to re-enforce their brand.
  • Customers can now receive Arm / Disarm Notifications via email alerting them when their site is armed or disarmed.

“We are very excited about the new i28 version of Immix and the vast improvements it offers our customers, both operationally as well as from a cost standpoint,” stated Simon Morgan, Chief Technology Officer for SureView Systems.  “Every new feature within i28 is designed to make the Immix platform lighter, faster and more secure and allow our customers to offer best-in-class service at optimal levels.  We feel like we have truly achieved that goal with i28.”