MKS Users Conference 2017

By January 30, 2017Marketing

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SureView System is a proud sponsor of the 2017 MKS Users Conference on March 7th-9th located in Orlando, Florida.

What is MKS User Conference?

MKS User Conference is a two day event filled with a variety of collaborative conferences and workshops for MicroKey Customers, Central Stations and Command Centers. This event offers security teams to interact with current and potential customers while receiving feedback on future product development. Consumers will receive the chance to learn and experience latest security device applicable to service a range of market segments. MKS sets to benefit both vendors and consumers with the combined interest in paving the way for security devices

Where to Find Us?

SureView team members will be located at an exhibitor table outside of the educational sessions. During the event on Wednesday the 8th, the team will be delivering a presentation to demonstrate the Immix Platform.

For more information contact SureView Team Representative: Stephen Tapper at (339)-222-2577 or