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False alarms cause major distractions and take vital time away from crucial security responses when real threats are imminent. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Scylla, the leading real-time, physical-threat-detection solution that utilizes AI and computer vision to detect objects, actions, and behavior anomalies. 

How Does It Work?

With a proven accuracy rate up to 99% in false alarm reduction, Scylla augments your existing security infrastructure with next-gen AI solutions to minimize costs, avoid human-factor errors, and provide new tools to boost security and operational effectiveness. SureView Operations users can now access added actionable intelligence to help eliminate the overwhelming number of false positives that inevitably cause ‘noise’ fatigue, additional expense, and time.

SureView supports video streaming and alarm reception out-of-the-box, therefore Scylla is easily plugged in and available to all SureView Operations subscribers. Scylla truly elevates the response experience for our users, making it even easier to detect, analyze, identify, and notify, all in a matter of seconds.