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Consider how mapping has transformed workforces in delivery and ride-sharing, then imagine how this could translate to a security operation and mobile applications. Next-Gen PSIM platforms use mapping data in intelligent and innovative ways to speed-up response and strengthen security.

Every PSIM and most security software, today, has a map. These maps are typically used to show the location of devices and in some cases to indicate where potential threats may be impacting an organization. These are often designed for large monitors in the front of a modern SOC giving that big picture, however, they haven’t always been seen to offer enough operational benefit when managing actual threats and events.

At SureView we took a different approach; we used this mapping data to solve the problem of information overload. We developed patented technology called Geospatial Asset Association (GAA). What it delivers is simple, yet incredibly valuable: only show operators the cameras, doors, and assets that are near the event. Blending this security information with other mapping assets (such as ESRI) provides operators with very specific situational awareness so they only focus on aspects impacting the event. 

Of course, the benefits from effective mapping technology can also extend beyond the SOC, into the hands of field staff. Delivering mapping information that is specific to the user’s current location, enables them to identify available assets and resources and better assess potential threats.

Download the full whitepaper, Next-Gen PSIM: Top 10 Things Leading Command Centers Expect Today, to learn more.

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