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The cost of keeping First-Gen PSIMs current has reached a point where an upgrade is likely the only practical option. They were built to support a project, not a long-term lifecycle where change and development are constant. So, how can you be assured this new generation of PSIMs is any different? In several years, might yet another generation of systems be similarly obsolete? Breaking the cycle of obsolescence is third on our list of top 10 requirements that successful companies want for their Next-GenPSIM.

While, no one can precisely anticipate all the demands of future security leaders, to keep pace with our customers we’ve recommitted to our core mission of delivering an open-platform, one that is vendor-independent, providing customers with the flexibility to buy the best-of-breed devices and systems without compromising response or performance. Yet, we also believe that in this era of constant change, we can do even better, which is why we’ve completely redesigned the way we develop and architect software—we are proud to have developed the very first PSIM delivered as a hosted service.


Delivering our PSIM platform as a service was a profound change in the way we develop and maintain our software. Major software releases once or twice a year no longer meet requirements—our customers need us to implement changes immediately because the changes in their organization are organic—they’re happening now, not tomorrow. The processes we have in place deliver system changes immediately and with zero operational disruption. It’s a completely different way to organize work, design products, deliver features, and interact with our customers. For security managers, it means the products are no longer static; new features are released continually and seamlessly, all the while allowing operations to continue uninterrupted. A Next-Gen PSIM grows with your organization.


We also expanded our application APIs—upgrading the technology and functionality— so that our partners and customers would find these easier to use and have even more ways to share data with our platform. The more open the software is, the more adaptable it will be to future changes and to accommodating new technologies and products.

Download the full whitepaper, Next-Gen PSIM: Top 10 Things Leading Command Centers Expect Today, to learn more.

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