Platform Update: HTML5 for Adobe Flash Replacement (beta) Available

By April 29, 2019Marketing
SureView Systems has announced a beta release of Immix i28 (CS) that will automatically replace Adobe Flash with HTML5 in the main operational interfaces – Site Monitor, MultiView, FirstLine, Cameras, EventsWalls/Views are in progress and will be the next component to be replaced with HTML5.

As a reminder, the main benefits you will see after updating are:
1 – No more popups when loading site monitor due to browser security concerns.
2 – Quicker loading times (we don’t have to load Flash Player. The HTML5 player is actually built in).
3 – The new HTML5 audit player contains a long-lost feature that allows you to speed up/slow down the playback up to 15X. Former Immix Enterprise users will remember that functionality.
4 – The new HTML5 live camera control now contains an additional digital PTZ function.
5 – The quality of the live video feed is superior quality to that available via Adobe Flash.
You will need to have a Dev Server in order to access this beta version. If you meet those qualifications, we strongly recommend that you book an installation of this beta ASAP with our solutions engineering team.
Kindest regards
Sureview Support Team