Platform Update: Password Expiry and Complexity

By October 26, 2017Marketing

In case you missed it, we recently added additional functionality to our Password Expiry and Complexity rules.

As part of the new UL 1981 series 3 updates, Administrators now have additional controls of Immix usernames and passwords. These include the addition of system settings to allocate “Number of days before password must be changed” and “Enforce password complexity requirements”

The complexity requirements enforce:

  1. Prohibit the re-use of last X used passwords (default=6)
  2. Prohibit derivative of username (i.e. user=bob, password=bob1)
  3. Prohibit containing repeated chars (i.e. ‘aaa’ or ‘111’)
  4. Prohibit containing chars in order (i.e. ‘abcd’ or ‘1234’)

To access these new features, Immix Administrators should go the Systems Settings page then click Security.

This new feature is available in the i26 release of Immix. For more information about this and other new features visit our Latest Updates page on the support portal.