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Running Your Command Center

Whether your team is responding to real-time alarms, coordinating a response team in the field or managing security investigations, our software is designed to adapt to the unique aspects of your organization, workflows and systems. You can subscribe to our software in a SaaS or deploy it on your own network, either way we have options for any sized organization.

Security Operations

SOC Operations

A single interface for coordinating the real-time response to alarm and events

Field Operations

Connect your field team seamlessly with the command center and track all your critical assets



The flexible incident tracking and investigation tool that adapts to your workflow

SaaS hosted service

Monthly, subscription licensing

Leverage standards based integrations

Immediate start-up and running in a week

Any size organization

SOC Operations

SureView provides a single screen to coordinate every alarm and event that comes into your SOC—from any system, any device, any source. Everything needed for efficient response is right there—geospatial mapping, action plans, nearby cameras, call lists, etc. Alarms are automatically grouped and prioritized so operators receive the urgent ones first. No more jumping from one system to another, every event is handled in a similar consistent way, driving productivity and improving security outcomes.

  • Single interface for response
  • Alarms from any source
  • Enforce policies with customizable Action Plans
  • Centralized Reporting and Analysis
    • Take action by identifying the trends and metrics that impact performance
  • Improve situational awareness:
    • GeoSpatial mapping
    • Stream cameras nearest event
Universal Alarm Queue
Response Interface – Coordinate every aspect of event response
Media Matrix – Stream nearby cameras and interact with onsite devices for complete situational awareness

Field Operations

SureView’s Field Operations seamlessly connects  your  teams in the SOC and the field. Providing real-time location and status information for all field staff and critical assets, Field Operations provides the situational awareness everyone on the team needs to effectively respond to events. Using the Mobile app, field staff can send and receive notifications of important incidents and status changes, sharing video, photos, and notes directly to the operations center and back again. With the touch of a button Operators can bring key stakeholders into any event. 

  • Instant communication between SOC and field teams
  • Mobile App tracks real time location of team
  • Quickly identify the nearest available team member to the event
  • Notification for critical alarms, status changes and real-time communication
  • Track location and status of key assets
  • Keeps key stakeholders informed too
Know the status and real-time location of everyone in your team with the Field Ops desktop interface
The SureView mobile app reports real-time location, status and allows field teams to communicate seamlessly with the SOC
Even get alerts on your smart watch

Reporting and Analysis

Managing data can be tedious and time consuming. SureView’s reporting tool, Insights, provides an interactive interface for security leaders to analyze key performance metrics. Every action taken in response to events is automatically audited by SureView, providing a common set of metrics so that teams can quickly identify bottlenecks, or pinpoint and act on data that improves response time. Automating compliance and management reporting eliminates many of the common time consuming and tedious processes of  managing data from disparate systems..

  • Aggregates disparate security data into one actionable view
  • Automatically Track Every Action
  • Automate Compliance & Reporting
  • Reduce Risk


Cases is SureView’s open incident tracking and investigation tool. It’s designed to audit and automate record keeping and compliance and seamlessly deliver information from operations to investigations teams—immediately, succinctly, accurately. Whether your team is triaging an event or investigating afterwards, the information is right there —from recording the comings and goings of your vehicle fleet, to lost-and-found, to more serious incidents such as an injury or assault. With the flexibility to create your own workflows, Cases is designed to meet the needs of any organization.

  • Connects Response and Investigations teams
  • Flexible design adapts to any organization or workflow
  • Open API to share data with enterprise back office systems
  • Automate compliance and reporting
Create interactive dashboards that focus on the information that is critical to your operation
Build your own record templates to capture the information that is unique to your workflow and organization

Host on Your Infrastructure

For custom projects, our SureView Enterprise platform allows you to deploy our software in your IT environment. We commonly work with integration partners to help deliver these solutions as part of a broader security program. Our team of engineers has experience in industries as diverse as corporate entities with a global footprint, critical infrastructure with strict federal governance, educational institutions with large campuses, and law enforcement agencies deploying Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC).

Contact our Enterprise Team
  • Custom deployments
  • Capital projects
  • Integrate with your back office systems
  • Leverage library of enterprise integrations
  • Large or global deployments

Integrate with the systems you use today and plan to use in the future

At the heart of our all our software is an open integration interface that connects SureView to your key physical security and IT systems. Our universal plugins utilize standard industry protocols to connect to the widest systems and devices. For large or custom deployments our native integrations provide an extended set of enterprise features.

  • Connects multiple disparate systems
  • Universal plugins use standard protocols for quick onboarding
  • Largest plug-in library for native integration to systems as diverse as:
  • alarms, access control, video, analytics, shooter detection, mass notification, business risk alerts, case management systems etc.
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