Proxy Load and Filestore Balancing

By October 25, 2016Marketing
Proxy Load Balancing
There is now a new back-end feature called, Proxy Load Balancing. It evenly distributes the load required for device connectivity across multiple servers. Proxy Load Balancing dynamically calculates the current load across all your device servers, sending all new requests to the server that has the most amount of available capacity. In addition, the load balancing introduces a customizable setting to direct certain integrations to only one server and exclude it from the others.
Filestore Balancing 

We have also added the ability to automatically balance the hard drive space used across multiple filestores.
Both of these features are designed for advanced customers who run a multi-server environment. If you are interested in leveraging these capabilities, please contact your SureView representative to discuss your configuration.

For more information about this and other new features visit our Latest Updates page on the support portal.