Immix CS is the one platform that allows you to offer everything from simple video verification to advanced interactive managed services.

Video Verification

Verify traditional alarm events with associated video to ensure a speedy response while reducing costly false dispatches

Guard Tours

Provide scheduled virtual guard tours, that step operators through each of the relevant onsite cameras. Like all Immix events everything the operator saw, said and did on the tour is audited in the Immix multimedia audit trail

Interactive Video Monitoring

Using intelligent onsite video to proactively detect threats providing operators with the situational awareness to respond appropriately

Remote Access

Provide remote access for employees and authorized personnel to the customer facilities, verified with video and audited in the multimedia audit trail


Deliver interactive services that use audio to talk down to remote sites

Blended Services

Create your own type of service by blending alarms, video, audio and remote access into your own unique offerings

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