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SureView Demonstrates Immix Command Center PSIM Platform At ISC West 2017

SureView Systems, a global provider of command centre solutions, is showcasing the innovative capabilities of its Immix Command Center (CC) Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform at ISC West 2017.

Capitalising on nearly 20 years of experience in commercial central stations and security command centres, SureView Systems’ Immix CC integrates diverse security systems on a unified platform. Users experience unprecedented ease of operation and deployment versatility. The powerful and highly versatile PSIM platform keeps users in complete control by providing the key information and workflows to best manage the most critical events, and automate those that are not.

Truly intuitive User Interface

Immix CC combines best in class system integration with extreme ease of deployment and operation to provide the one view that matters most to customers,” said Simon Morgan, CTO, SureView Systems. “We developed the software based on our extensive experience in managing and automating security command centres, to deliver the specific functionality and configurations users want and need.”


Immix CC features a truly intuitive
User Interface (UI) with a scalable,
flexible, web-based software platform


Immix CC features a truly intuitive User Interface (UI) with a scalable, flexible, web-based software platform. With minimal training, security personnel can expertly manage and execute advanced system functions. This provides security managers with the flexibility to deploy Immix CC in the best way for their organisation, whether it is from a single centralised security operations centre (SOC), across multiple SOCs with localised control of specific system assets, or any combination of both.

Sureview Technology Integrations

SureView has the largest library of technology integrations in the industry, built over the course of the company’s nearly 20 years of experience. These integrations create a single database of record for all event activity, giving customers a real-time view into their data for management decision making, reporting and other compliance-related processes. This breadth of integrations also helps expedite system deployment as these off-the-shelf integrations typically meet 90 percent of the need and can be deployed immediately.

Immix CC’s unique modular architecture gives unparalleled flexibility to IT managers, as the software can be implemented across any number of centralised or distributed servers. This allows users to determine the best means of deploying Immix CC across their network infrastructure and personnel.

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