Test My Device

By October 5, 2016Marketing
We are happy to announce a new online tool to test your devices against the published Immix integration library.
We call it Test My Device and you can access it here:   TestMyDevice.sureviewsystems.com
Why use Test My Device?
Because you want to check the compatibility of your device(s) with our published integrations. This is helpful if you are:
  • Planning on monitoring a new integration that you haven’t yet installed on your Immix system, or
  • Deploying a new model type of an existing integration, or
  • Updating the firmware of your device, or
  • Having a problem connecting your device to your Immix system and you want to make sure it works against the latest published version of the integration.
All you have to do is visit TestMyDevice.sureviewsystems.com and add the details of the system you want to test. If it works, great, your device is compatible with Immix. If it doesn’t, the system will give you an indication why it might be failing (incorrect IP, Port, not compatible device, etc). In addition, you can download a PDF Report and send it to our support team who can help diagnose the issue.
We hope this new online tool will make it even easier for you to work out if your devices are compatible with Immix.