Time is Running Out to Upgrade Your Immix Server

By September 17, 2019Marketing

Is Your Immix Server Up to Date for 2020?

Server 2008? – Time to Upgrade

Many people still run the Server 2008 OS for their Immix platform. Besides not being able to benefit from all the new features available in Immix, such as HTML 5, staying on an outdated operating system introduces serious security risks to your servers. Microsoft, ended mainstream support for Windows Server 2008 R2  in 2015 and on January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end all support. That date is just around the corner.

Once you’ve decided you need to upgrade, it may be time to look at your current setup. If you’re running on a single server and expect a lot of growth, this would be the time to consider a multi-server build. Or, if you’re on a multi-server build currently, we should look at your deployment to see if a different configuration might better suit your needs. 


Your current server(s) will remain in production for monitoring during the transition process. To get started we will need you to grant us access to the new server(s). Below is an outline of our work.


    1. Prep the servers for Immix installation.
      1. Install all necessary prerequisites
      2. Check network connections, ports and credentials
      3. Verify server specifications
      4. Install SQL Server and Management Studio
      5. Gather all settings and data from the current production build so that your new build is ready to monitor.
      6. Run the requirements for Securing Your Immix Server
    2. Install Immix
      1. Install Immix core services based on your licensing
      2. Install Immix integration packages based on your production servers
      3. Test basic functionality, Video, Reports, Alarm Processing


  • Restore Immix Database from your production servers


      1. Upgrade the production Database to match the latest Immix release


  • Restore Database Mirroring (if applicable)


    1. Verify that the data from Production to the new build matches
    2. Verify Immix
    3. Test users, cameras, reports, alarms, ALL Immix functionality
  1. User Acceptance Testing
    1. Turn over to your operators to run through every function to verify that everything is working as it did in the production system. Typically 48 hrs.
  2. Go Live
    1. We will do a fresh restore of the production database and you will point your live monitoring to the new system.
    2. We will assist in making sure that alarms are being received and processed correctly.
    3. The old servers should remain accessible for a short time and then be decommissioned.