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False alarms create noise for security teams, shifting their focus and negatively impacting response times. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Ultinous, a cutting-edge AI video analytics platform built to process data and only trigger alarms when a response is actually needed.

How Does It Work?

Adding health, safety and security intelligence to any fixed or PTZ camera is a snap using its built-in intricate learning models. Ultinous uses camera images to identify, classify and index a variety of objects that trigger alarms. It then forwards structured video information to SureView—decreasing the amount of data SOC operators would otherwise need to process for quick decision-making.

Utilizing our standards-based plugin capability, this integration is available to all SureView Operations subscribers. Users can now experience SureView’s top-notch security software and Ultinous’ AI video-monitoring technology to optimize operational efficiency as well as business safety and security.