Providing Better Intelligence to Law Enforcement

#embrace new technology

Providing Better Intelligence to Law Enforcement

#embrace new technology

CASE STUDY: At-a-Glance

The Miami Dade Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) is responsible for the coordination and distribution of real-time information to police officers and investigators ensuring the protection of the seventh-most populous county in the United States.

The RTCC partnered with their IT integrator IBM, and SureView to deploy a single, simple-to-use interface for coordinating the response to these events—helping operational staff continue to deliver their mission even when connecting to disparate video and IoT systems throughout the county.


Like many counties and cities, Miami Dade had an operational problem—how to build a responsive, consistent, level of intelligence and support for police officers and investigators when command center operators need to interface with multiple disparate systems?

At Miami Dade the first challenge was connecting and combining 3 different video management systems that were deployed throughout the county, as well as receiving alerts from IoT systems, license-plate-recognition systems, gunshot detectors, and so on.

To access these feeds and alerts, operators would jump back and forth between workstations, software interfaces, and login accounts. All of these different steps not only slowed down the response time for operators, it also highlighted how difficult it is to continue to scale-up an operation as more and more systems are brought in for real-time analysis.


Law Enforcement – Real Time Crime Center (RTCC)


  • SureView Enterprise
  • Integrated Systems
    • Enterprise video systems
    • Video Analytics
    • ESRI Mapping
    • LPR
    • Gun shot detection

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SureView partnered with IBM to deploy a single, simple-to-use interface for coordinating the response to real-time security events.

This solution combined the speed and accuracy of the SureView platform, the strength of IBM’s Cloud infrastructure, and the design and consulting expertise of IBM’s Global Technical Services team. Behind the response interface, the system is architected using integration plugins that connect to the various disparate systems. These plugins normalize the video streams and alerts so that from the operator’s perspective, all video and alarms are the same. Utilizing one of the largest integration plugin libraries in the market, SureView were able to use already-available integrations to normalize all 3 of the existing video systems and stream them into one, standard, view. Further leveraging this integration capability, IBM Watson video analytic technology was deployed to analyze these video streams in real-time to rapidly capture security events in progress.

However, the seamless integration with different video systems was just one part of this ambitious project. The operators also needed to know exactly where these different video feeds were located throughout this vast municipality and county.

SureView was quickly able to develop an integration with the county’s ESRI mapping system that allowed operators to simply click on any camera on the map to display its live video feed. This instantly provided the real-time response and situational awareness that operations staff needed.

With this solution in place now both the scope and the number of systems in the Miami-Dade region can expand but the work of the operations staff will not change—only their ability to access more actionable data sources and consequently, improve the response of law enforcement across the county.

One of our goals at the Miami Dade RTCC was to use county-wide video feeds to help our officers get better situational awareness. We chose SureView because it could pull all our video systems into a single view. The challenge was, each agency had its own video system so across our county, we had 8 different platforms to connect to. The team at SureView made it easy, they worked with us to quickly build integrations to each of these systems, and now our officers in the RTCC can quickly access any of our cameras across the county.

~Captain Carlos Vasquez, Miami-Dade Police


  • Single operational interface for coordinating security response and gathering intelligence across the entire county
  • Integrated with different video, IoT, license plate recognitions, and gunshot detection systems across multiple county departments
  • Integrated with the County ESRI mapping platform for enhanced situational awareness
  • Provides a platform to expand the scope, number of systems, and services that Miami-Dade can utilize
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