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The Challenge: As one of the worlds largest combined power companies and a supplier of energy to over 5 million UK citizens, the continuity of business and security of its people and assets is critical to the whole operation of E.ON UK. Security at E.ON was monitored either by commercial monitoring companies, self monitored with a guard on site or not monitored at all. This decentralized approach was expensive to run, difficult to control costs and impossible to generate meaningful management data on the scale of losses and effectiveness of the security in place at each site.

Background: E.ON is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies, generating electricity, and retailing power and gas. E.ON UK is part of the E.ON group, one of the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas companies, employing 12,000 people in the UK and providing power to over 5 million UK households and businesses. E.ON have 50 manned UK sites, including offices and power generation sites along with a large number of unmanned power substations distributed in remote locations throughout the UK.

Security in the context of an energy supplier consists of a number of distinct challenges, including opportunistic metal theft, organized criminal gangs and business disruption from environmental activists. In addition to securing
assets owned by E.ON, the company also has a corporate responsibility for the safety of any intruders should they get hurt while on E.ON property.

The Solution: E.ON made the strategic decision to centralize all their security monitoring in-house, in a dedicated permanently manned control room. Immix CC was selected as the primary alarm management platform because of its flexibility in addressing a diverse set of the security threats and multiple systems in use.

By moving all security monitoring into a centralized dedicated control room, E.ON UK had an immediate and dramatic improvement in the level of security, reduction in the scale of losses and improved confidence in the provision of security for the business. Through Immix, E.ON now successfully warns away several potential intruders from their remote sites every night using remote audio to site and assist the police in the identification and prosecution of at several offenders each month. The resulting efficiency gains and reduction in monitoring costs through centralizing security into a single in-house solution using Immix provided a full return on the initial investment in the first few months of operation and continues to provide outstanding value to the whole of E.ON UK.

The response to each security event is standardized through the use of enforceable standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to ensure that all legal and safety requirements are adhered to. Every action taken by an operator is tracked in a time/date stamped multimedia audit trail, which in turn is used to create essential management reports that provide a critical tool for ensuring the continued effectiveness and efficiency of the operation.

Results: By centralizing their monitoring with Immix, E.ON reduced their on-site guarding costs by over £3 million a year, (50 x £66k per site). This was achieved while reducing the number of thefts and minimizing the size of losses which ultimately improved the overall effectiveness of security. The time to respond to an incident has been reduced from 15-20 minutes to an average of 5-10 seconds. This has had an immediate effect on the ability to deter or catch intruders.

“SureView’s Immix was installed easily and provided the base on which we were able to meet our original project requirements on time and to budget. Since then, we have significantly expanded the breadth and depth of our security capabilities and will continue to use Immix to increase the number of monitored sites throughout the E.ON estate and the types of services we offer” said George Moss, Security Operations Manager E.ON


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