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The Camect Smart Camera Hub uses proprietary AI to filter regular video security camera footage separating useful video from useless noise. Common triggers such as bugs and animals are automatically suppressed, enabling only information deemed critical to be transmitted as a real time alert. When paired with any ONVIF or RTSP camera, the Camect solution delivers proactive detection proven to prevent crimes. Results include reduced criminal activity, and cost effective security management. 

Camect is now fully integrated with SureView, the leading Physical Security Information Management Platform (PSIM) for corporate and private security command centers. 

Delivered as a SaaS, SureView simplifies security operations by creating an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to coordinate the response to real-time security events. “We are pleased to partner with Sureview and support their commitment to command center excellence,” says Ron Grubbs, Camect VP of Sales and Business Development.

This partnership is well timed with security command centers under increasing strain to respond to a growing list of security and employee safety events. As responsibilities of security operation teams expand, having tools that can quickly, and accurately identify real events can considerably drive down response times. The closer you get to achieving a “real time” response, the better chance you have of a positive outcome. 

Camect superior event detection ensures operators using SureView can immediately validate the nature of a threat and coordinate real-time response. “Poor event detection drains operator morale, increases response times, and can ultimately impact employee safety. When you combine the real-time response of SureView with Camect’s event detection solution, you gain confidence that your team can deliver a superior level of service to your organization”, says Simon Morgan, Chief Product Officer at SureView Systems.

While alerts do not make anyone safer, decreasing the response times to them and eliminating false alerts can prevent critical alerts from being missed. To learn more about Camect & SureView please click here.