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Developed exclusively for security teams, Sureview’s Cases investigations and record-management platform is flexible and completely customizable with the use of templates.

Templates are used as a framework for records within Cases, and define what types of information should be captured to describe a particular incident. For example, creating a template for a slip and fall incident and a different one for a reported suspicious person—the choices are endless.

Every Cases Plus and Pro account includes 4 pre-built templates to help teams get started quickly. These templates comprise an Incident Report, Lost and Found, Asset Management, and a Ticket—they can be used “out-of-the-box” or tailored to any operation.


Templates consist of:

1. Fields: A field is simply a type of data that is collected within the record—it could be text, a number, a ‘select’ box, date/time, there are multiple options. Administrators can also create an ‘object’, or group of fields, that auto-populates. For example, by creating a record involving a vehicle, the system will prompt the operator to input a group of fields, like color, make, and model of the vehicle.

2. Permissions: Permissions creates the ability to set certain aspects of a record, and can be used to give access to a record to those with specific authorization levels, or it can restrict access to certain segments.

3. Actions: Create a simple ‘to do’ list of steps that are required for a user to complete as they triage an incident.

4. Rules: Using triggers and rules, administrators can create comprehensive workflows to automate key business functions. A trigger can be created on almost any action, for example, completing a field in a record. This, in turn, activates a rule which can automatically update fields, add team members, send notifications, update other systems, and much more.

Once all fields, permissions, actions, and rules have been created, your team can start opening new records using your new template—operators using SureView Responsecan select this same template to escalate their events into Cases.

Ready to Get Started? 

Like all SureView products, Cases is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), allowing security leaders to level-up their efforts without the need to completely overhaul their operation. Offered on a free-30-day-trial, our solution can be operational within a week.

Learn more at or schedule a demo here.

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