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SureView’s integration with Avigilon dates back over a decade and currently utilizes Avigilon’s SDK for the standard and professional editions—providing operators with a simple and comprehensive interface that includes everything they need to respond quickly.

How Does it Work?

          • Any alarm received into SureView is automatically associated with nearby live video, providing instant situational awareness.
          • Alarms can be associated with individual Avigilon camera(s) or SureView’s patented Geospatial Asset Association (GAA),meaning the closest camera to any incident begins streaming automatically
          • Security operation teams are busy, and need to focus on response—it can take a lot of time to add each individual camera manually to multiple systems. SureView’s integration with Avigilon, utilizing system sync, instantly auto-populates all cameras into SureView, creating a seamless and automated process for operators.

Technical Details

For additional details about deploying this integration please click here.

Learn more about our integration with Avigilon

We’ve been integrated with Avigilon ACC
for over a decade with their SDK for the standard and professional editions. Like all our VMS integrations, the Avigilon
integration supports alarms, video streaming and playback, and also system sync. With system sync, when a camera is added to
Avigilon, it’s automatically added to Sureview.

What’s unique about our video integrations is the ability to associate them with incoming alarms. For instance, if you had an access control
door-forced alarm, you could associate that with nearby cameras in Avigilon, giving your operators
immediate situational awareness.