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Integration between SureView and Prowatch dates back almost 10-years, and connects Honeywell’s Prowatch with video and other security systems, so that operators are presented with a user-friendly interface with everything they need to respond efficiently. 

How Does it Work?

  • When an alarm is received from Prowatch, SureView immediately associates an action plan, map, and any nearby camera streams—providing immediate situational awareness for operators.
  • Operators are able to remotely open/close doors with a click of a button.
  • Security operation center operators are busy, and need to focus on response—they often don’t have time to add each individual door manually to multiple systems. Our integration with Prowatch, utilizing system-sync, means that all doors added into Prowatch are instantly auto-populated into SureView—creating a seamless and automated process for operators. 

Technical Details

This integration has been certified with Honeywell. For technical detail please refer to Honeywell Prowatch support page 

To learn more about our integration with Honeywell Prowatch click here: