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Being on the move is a regular part of a security professional’s day, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of their situational awareness. With the SureView Ops Field Operations Mobile app, Field Officers can easily bring up the feed from any camera in your system.You may have cameras from many different providers, or spread out across several different locations; with Ops’ generic video protocol, all of these can be viewed within the same Apple or Android app. Users can search through the cameras by name or location, and even ‘favorite’ important camera streams for easy-access at a later time.

For those that use our native integration capabilities, users can even request playback footage from a particular date and time, and interact with PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) controls.

SureView Ops’ Mobile ‘live view’ is just one more way Ops works to bring the most important information to your fingertips.  Request a demo today and start your 30-day-free-trial to discover for yourself all that SureView Ops can do for your team.