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At ISC West 2017, SureView Systems, provider of command center solutions, brings a unique perspective to the development, deployment and management of fully integrated system solutions for Security Operations Centers (SOC). With nearly 20 years of experience in the development of solutions for commercial central stations and enterprise security operations centers (SOC), SureView’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution is designed to provide customers with the one view that matters most – the one they need to better respond to security events and manage risks.

The culmination of SureView’s efforts is evident in the latest release of the company’s innovative Immix Command Center (CC) PSIM platform. Immix CC simplifies control and management of all critical surveillance and security systems on a unified platform. Hallmarks of Immix CC include a simple-to-operate User Interface (UI), the largest library of technology integrations in the industry, and unique modular, web-based architecture that provides unparalleled flexibility.

“Security professionals are increasingly deploying multiple security, business and risk systems to protect the people, assets and brand of the enterprise,” said Sean Garcia, Director, Enterprise Command Centers, SureView Systems. ”The problem is, the vast majority of these systems do not speak to one another, and the problem only gets worse as more systems are added. We focus on simplifying operations in the SOC by bringing together these islands of technology into one operational view. Our PSIM platform, Immix CC, is the culmination of this focus. It addresses the need for an easy-to-use system that is quick to deploy, with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of enterprise organizations.”

Immix CC PSIM correlates data from disparate surveillance, access control, security, building management and business systems on a unified platform, and automatically initiates actions and workflows based on events from all of these sources. This provides security personnel with the vital data and direction they need to take swift and comprehensive action.

Immix CC makes the security monitoring process easy and convenient for users while maximizing efficiency and ROI. With deployments at such high profile companies as Paramount Pictures, Sanofi, Cox Communications and AIG, as well as numerous small to medium-sized companies around the globe, Immix CC is a proven PSIM solution with unique attributes.

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