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SureView Announces New Subscription Service Aimed at Simplifying Security Operations

Tampa Fl (June 29, 2020) – SureView Systems Inc. the global provider of command center response software, announced the launch of SureView Operations (OPS), a new online subscription service. OPS is designed to speed-up and simplify response in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by centralizing all the key information and relevant procedures into an easy-to-use interface.

For operators, it all starts with an event. An event might be as simple as entry into the Activity Log or raising an alarm for response based on a tip from an employee. In any situation, the single interface of OPS standardizes and speeds up response because all the relevant information is already there—action plan, map, call list, available guards, and location information. No more wasting time jumping back and forth looking for information in multiple systems. Meanwhile, every action of the operator is recorded in the real-time, date-stamped, audit trail, providing critical data for post-event analysis, auditing, and reporting.

“We took the lessons we learned working with many of the largest tech and commercial companies in the world, and then specifically designed a subscription interface that is easy to use, even for an operator on their first day on the job. We built this service so that any security operation, regardless of its size, will immediately see faster response times and improved security outcomes”, says Simon Morgan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

To help customers get up and running quickly, every OPS account is pre-populated with common event types, operational reports, and even a full suite of action plans. The Insights reporting tool, built-in to OPS, also provides managers an interactive view of all this data, allowing them to analyze ways to improve the performance of their operation.

New customers can sign up immediately for a 30-day free trial. After that, simple plans start at just $50 per operator. SureView offers an enhanced plan for those companies who also want to improve their guard dispatch using the SureView Mobile Guard Dispatch app.

Further services are planned to become available periodically during the coming year.

For more information about SureView Operations or to sign up for the Free Trial, visit