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Critical Infrastructure organization dramatically increases number of alarms they monitor without increasing the size of their operations team.

The Challenge

The customer provides and manages critical infrastructure for the water industry.

In order to scale for growth and comply with a strict regulatory framework, the customer required a centralized response platform for their newly built command center.

Like many critical infrastructure providers, this customer has a wide range of assets to protect, many in extreme remote locations, with multiple security systems to monitor (including video, advanced camera analytics, and intrusion detection). Crucially, there exist strict security compliance regulations that require adherence to specific procedures and the retention of comprehensive records, including audit trails of all security activities.

Additionally, this organization has recently experienced rapid growth, increasing their number of alarms they monitor fivefold in each of the last few years.

The Solution

Within 60-days of the project kickoff, the team had deployed the IT infrastructure, connected their main security platforms for video and alarms, onboarded their multiple locations, developed their response procedures, and trained their staff.

SureView connected their 550+ locations and integrated 5 different security systems together so that they could now respond consistently to every security event.
Due to the high risk inherent in the monitored locations, the organization used SureView’s Action Plans to enforce strict operational procedures and generate automatic reports to ensure complete compliance with industry regulations. Automatically tracking every action t

aken by an operator in response to an event satisfied the transparency and audit requirements for
compliance reporting.

The Results

  • SureView’s software allows them to handle over 600 alarms per day with 2 operators per shift, while keeping response times below 60-seconds.
  • The customer was able to increase the scale of alarms monitored—increasing the number from 100 alarm points (five-years-ago) to over 3,200 points today. Yet, they did not need to increase the size of their security operations team.
  • The SureView software was fully live within 60-days of project start.
  • 550+ remote, critical infrastructure sites are now connected to a single centralized SOC.
  • Over 5 external security systems are integrated into one operational platform
  • The SureView software was fully live within 60-days of project start.
  • Required response procedures, ensuring regulatory compliance, are established.
  • Full stakeholder visibility, with automated reporting, is in place.

Download a PDF copy of this Case Study here.