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The Challenge

As the security contractor for major, multi-day music festivals, Ikanos needed to stand up fully functional command centers, without the complexity and cost of embarking on a major IT project. They required a “plug-and-play” system that would allow them to focus their security team on their operational response procedures, communications within their team, and ensuring the security of all festival goers.

The Solution

The critical focus of the project was to develop each of the key response procedures for the various types of events that might occur at an outdoor music festival–everything from “lost and found”, to medical events such as heat exhaustion, through to critical security events such as active shooter and assault. Once each of the response procedures were properly defined, it was a simple exercise to turn these into the real-time Action Plans in SureView Ops—ready for live testing. Tabletop exercises helped the team refine their plans, giving them real world experience and ensuring they were prepared for operational use.

The Results

  • Immediately after signup, the team was able to map the site in SureView ensuring every operator and field officer would be working off the same festival map. The next stage was to create all the event types they would expect to experience, and populate their action plans accordingly.
  • A new festival could now be structured in under 20-hours, with response procedures and training in place.
  • Other than PCs for the operators and internet connectivity at the sites, no IT hardware was required to run SureView Ops. Ikanos did not need to buy server equipment, network hardware, or contract with an IT team to plan, build, and manage a system for the event. The ROI for Sureview OPS was realized from day one.

Download a PDF copy of this Case Study here.