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As you begin to break down operational and system bottlenecks, it’s important to be able to constantly adapt to change. An audit trail makes this possible.

Keeping detailed audits of operator actions helps managers identify opportunities to improve response. Action plans, dispatch instructions, and escalation rules will need to be constantly adapted for new threats, changing service requests, or new compliance rules. 

Auditing operator actions provides managers with the details they need to understand changes and how these changes might impact operations. 

SureView automatically tracks all of this information, allowing operators to simply do their job as usual—responding to events, following their action plans— and the system captures audit data in the background. Management can then focus their attention on improving operational response rather than trying to implement a process to consistently capture this critical data. 

With SureView, everything the operator saw, said, and did, is recorded in a time-stamped, multimedia, audit trail, which empower managers in several ways: 

  1. It retains a record of exactly what the operator did in their response–what cameras they looked at, what they saw, what actions they took 
  2. It tracks the timing of all these actions, providing baseline reporting metrics 
  3. It helps identify exactly when changes occur and how they affect the overall response

Download the full whitepaper, Response Time: The Key to Better Security Outcomes, to learn more.