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Security Response Software Evolved

Tampa Fl (March 12, 2020) – SureView Systems Inc. announced today that the company and their leading security response software will be rebranded under one name: SureView. The business has grown and the new brand reflects the company’s mission to enable teams, systems, and products to work together to respond quickly and seamlessly, to achieve better security outcomes. SureView’s goal is to support any organization that runs a security command center servicing customers in corporate enterprises, government entities, critical infrastructure, educational campuses, public safety, and more.


“We are all aware that the pace of change is accelerating—there are more systems, more technology, more assets and unfortunately, more threats. Maybe you find yourself trying to marry up different systems in different locations, even in different countries. Your team needs to coordinate the response for a location your team has never even seen. Sounds overwhelming but with SureView our mission is to make this easy,” says Sean Garcia, Director of Enterprise Command Centers.

SureView puts everything into a single-pane-of-glass, including alarms, cameras, video streams, action plans, and mapping, giving you an immediate view of every asset, location, or person you need to focus on. SureView tracks everything an operator saw, said, and did in the background for investigations, auditing, compliance, and debriefing.

“Last year we completely redesigned our response interface to make it even simpler, more responsive, and provide greater flexibility to adapt to different customer needs. This year we are taking it even further by developing new interfaces for mobile guard dispatch, extending our mapping support, adding new team collaboration capabilities, and extending our new interactive Insights reporting interface,” said Simon Morgan, Chief Product and Marketing Officer.

In addition, SureView made important investments in 2019 into application and IT resilience with the introduction of global Federation. This function allows the largest global organizations to leverage local, high-performance network connections and abide by local data privacy laws while also providing the flexibility to support one another in locations worldwide without operational disruption.