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Recently, SureView successfully updated it’s UL 1981 certification to the latest 3rd addition.

One of the principal drivers for this most recent update from UL was to support virtualization of the servers (VM’s) supporting the automation system. Although SureView has supported running Immix on virtualized servers for many years, this recent update now allows stations to leverage the benefits of virtualization when UL certifying their center.

Beyond this there was an array of additional security and alarm management features that extended the qualifications for achieving this certification. Below is a summary of the features that were added to Immix to support this re-certification:

  • User Lockout – Update to the feature thats locks out a user account after a number of failed login attempts within a given time period functionality.
  • Customize inactivity timeout – Addition of system settings for customizing “Alarm Screen Timeout – Inactivity time for Alarm Screen before timeout” and “Session Inactivity Timeout – Inactivity time for Session before timeout”
  • Password expiry and complexity – Addition of system settings to allocate “Number of days before password must be changed” and “Enforce password complexity requirements”
  • Extended User Activity Report
  • New UL Statistical Performance Report
  • Update to Alarm Processing Statistics Report

These updates are available in the latest Immix release – i26 or higher.

To ensure your system meets the requirements of UL 1981 3rd Edition please read the updated UL Compliance support page and UL Manual.