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It’s not always practical for responses to be managed by a single operator. Often events require specialist skills and teams to share the responsibility for resolution—a medical alert is a good example: Security, Facilities Management, and Health and Safety, amongst others, may all have a part to play in resolution.

A Next-Gen PSIM makes it possible for teams to seamlessly share and collaborate securely as they respond to events. Using all relevant and available team members, of course, improves security outcomes, while the immediacy of sharing speeds the process.

At SureView, we work alongside operations teams to create a simple way for an operator to invite a colleague from a different team or group into an event to help manage response. The collaboration feature enables this to be done seamlessly across a group of colleagues, with every action recorded in a complete event audit trail. Importantly, events may subsequently be passed to dispatch or case management teams for further investigation and remediation if follow-up, compliance, or incident management is necessary.

SureView’s Impact

Sharing a common response interface is increasingly seen as a key operational component by organizations of all sizes. Since deploying their Next-Gen PSIM with SureView, one of our customers, a global organization, has routinely collaborated on over 200 events per day, every day—radically decreasing event durations and improving security outcomes. Ready to make this happen for your organization? Click here to schedule your free demo now!

Download the full whitepaper, Next-Gen PSIM: Top 10 Things Leading Command Centers Expect Today, to learn more.

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