ABC’s of Immix: C is for Camera Control

By April 12, 2018Marketing

C is for Camera Control


  • Immix allows operators to control PTZ functions by simply clicking on the live video image
  • New HTML5 video player supports digital PTZ controls
  • Digital PTZ allows multiple users to move the image without affecting others

Immix provides the ability for operators to control remote cameras straight through the Immix alarm handing interface. For cameras that have mechanical PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control Immix uses the interface with the devices SDK to control these commands. The operator simply clicks on the zoom controls to move in and out of the image, while clicking on the image itself allows the user to physically move the camera left, right, up, and down. Like everything in Immix it doesn’t matter what type of camera is deployed, if the integration supports PTZ control it can be done through the standard Immix interface.

In our new HTML5 video player we have also introduced digital PTZ. This achieves the same thing as a mechanical PTZ but with the added benefit that multiple people can zoom in and move around the camera without affecting other viewers. The more megapixels in the image the greater the clarity of the image as you zoom in.

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ABC’s of Immix

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