Immix Platform Serves G4S Indonesia

By February 15, 2017Marketing

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SureView Systems is proud to introduce a new Immix platform user, G4S Indonesia. G4S is a leading global, integrated security company that pride themselves in providing a variety of  unique security solutions. The company’s’ combination of services deliver solutions to a diverse range of environments and industries: financial institutions, government, leisure and tourism, major corporations, oil, port and private energy, etc.

G4S Indonesia, Director of Electronic Security Systems, commented “We selected SureView Immix as they are the established leader in the remote monitoring software sector. We look forward to utilizing SureView’s wealth of experience and their vast integration library to help build upon our CCTV remote guarding business throughout the large region that is Indonesia.”

With their Immix software, SureView looks forward to serving as G4S primary security platform as they continue to progress through the industry delivering leading edge technology solutions tailored to customer needs.

Welcome to the Immix platform.