North East Monitoring Services Ltd

By January 26, 2017Marketing

Displaying North East Monitoring Pic.jpgSureView is delighted to announce North East Monitoring Services Ltd, has chosen the Immix Central Station platform for their remote CCTV monitoring control room in Middlesbrough, UK.

Focused on offering a reliable, friendly and efficient service since 1990, North East Monitoring provides remote CCTV monitoring to detect, assess and respond to security threats. As a result, relevant personnel and services can be deployed efficiently. Believing that premises protection starts at the perimeter and detecting intruders before any potential problems occur is vital, Immix enables their operators to see exactly what is happening and initiate the appropriate response immediately. Features such as audio challenges are used to deter thieves and trespassers from entering or staying on the site. North East Monitoring focuses on a proactive approach to prevent theft and vandalism, as well as, other security threats.

“We look forward to working together with North East Monitoring Services as they continue to grow their business” states Crag Evans, Managing Director of SureView Systems.