Oakpark Security

By January 30, 2018Marketing

SureView Systems would like to extend a warm welcome to Oakpark Security, which is a premier independent supplier of business security and resilience solutions across East Anglia, London, and the South East of England.

As business resilience specialists, Oakpark Security prides themselves on delivering innovative and customer-focused solutions that combine both manpower and cutting edge technology. Its extensive suite includes CCTV monitoring, access control systems (including biometrics), number-plate recognition (ANPR), security lighting and barriers, and building management systems (BMS).

“All of our technology solutions are monitored from our Central Operations Center, where trained operatives are able to respond immediately and initiate a pre-agreed escalation procedure in the event of a threat to person or property. All of our technology options can also be linked to our mobile response service, providing a complete start-to-finish security solution overseen by a single Account Manager”. Immix was the platform of choice to ensure that the individual risk profiles and technology driven solutions created for each client are delivered efficiently to ensure business resilience to its clients.

Craig Evans, Managing Director at SureView Systems states, “Welcome to the Immix community, we are delighted to be your technology partner as you grow your monitoring business”.