SureView Systems signs major new partner

By July 14, 2013Marketing

SureView Systems International signs major new partner

April 2013 – Gloucester-based Remote Video Response (RVR), one of the UK’s leading remote video monitoring and response businesses, has installed SureView Immix Cloud to further enhance its CCTV monitoring proposition.

Working with Immix, RVR is able to consolidate a wide range of disparate transmission and video management technologies into one simple operator interface, thus simplifying operator response and training, and further extending the number of systems and sites it can accommodate.

For installers especially but also with site managers in mind, the integration of an innovative Mobile application also provides individuals with their own route for receiving critical event information, site data or even viewing live images on their iPhone, iPad or Windows supported devices.

A new web interface has similarly been developed which provides a single point of access to all aspects of running a monitoring station, allowing site set up and monitoring to be actioned through a web browser.

Colin Walters, General Manager of RVR, says that the new technology augments the existing ESSA platform: “Being able to support an extensive range of technologies provides a significant competitive advantage,” he says. “It means that installers can choose the technology that is most appropriate to their needs, safe in the knowledge that we can support them. And it means that end-users can add technologies without compromising their security, because we can support both new and legacy systems.”

Craig Evans, Managing Director of SureView, believes the Immix is rapidly becoming the central monitoring software of choice: “The Immix platform helps monitoring stations deliver video based services to their customers, build recurring revenue and compliment the investment they have already made in their existing automation system.”

Use of the Immix platform means that RVR can now support upwards of 300 different devices (including video, access control, IP Audio and GPS) from more than 80 separate product manufacturers. Craig Evans says this list is continuing to grow: “Manufacturers are now working with us in the development stages to ensure their products can be supported,” he adds.

With the Immix software, transmissions received within the Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) are viewed on a single, universal interface: “Regardless of the product technology, the operator view is always the same. Everything the operator can see, and every action he takes, can be recorded and audited at a later date in line with police requirements,” Colin says. “It also enables us to monitor site and systems performance and manage staff levels accordingly.

“Having a common interface makes life easier for the operator and for us: they do not have to be trained on individual systems with their own specific formats which saves considerable time and resource, and makes them more effective.”

Craig Evans agrees: “Immix increases the efficiency of the RVRC by allowing operators to manage security events, rather than managing multiple software products,” he says.

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